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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

The World Around Us

The new curriculum has integrated Science, Geography and History into one area of learning – The World Around Us. In St. Patrick’s we will provide opportunities for children to develop:

  • self-confidence and self-esteem in expressing and sharing their thoughts and ideas and developing an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of the world.
  • an awareness of themselves and their place in the world; as well as of other places, cultures and the environment
  • an awareness of Information and Communication Technology and its impact on society and the world around them.

World around Us News

26th Mar 2018
Mrs Smith’s P4 class have had the exciting opportunity to make films! The children...
26th Mar 2018
A big thank you to Martyn and Ann from Sustrans who helped 16 lucky P6 children become...
21st Mar 2018
During Term 2, Primary Three have been enjoying the 'Shared Education Project.' We...
8th Mar 2018
Mrs Smith’s P4’s took a trip back in time when they visited our local...
19th Jan 2018
P1 have been learning about Electricity and keeping safe when using electricity.
7th Jan 2018
Mrs Smith's P4's have been developing their knowledge of programming through the...
24th Nov 2017
This year St.Patrick's Primary School is participating in a Sustrans programme...
22nd Nov 2017
Mrs Smith's P4 class got creative and made musical instruments in technology. Each...