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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

P7 E-Safety Workshop

3rd Oct 2017

During the week Eleanor and Eimear from REIM visited the P6 and P7 classes carrying out two e safety workshops with the pupils. They discussed all the current types of social media platforms being used and the age limits and restrictions for membership. They also surveyed the children on what they enjoyed doing when they were on their phones, tablets, PCs, X box and play station consoles. Eleanor emphasised that lots of the pupils were having fun using technology but that always to be aware of being "Internet Safe" and being smart at all times. During one activity the pupils listed all the personal details that they should never give to anyone whilst on social media or when playing a live game on the x box.

The second workshop dealt mainly with the issue of Cyber bullying. Again the pupils discussed their own experiences with Eleanor and she gave good advise on how cyber bullies should be handled...STOP, BLOCK and TELL. Eleanor also emphasised that face to face communication was still best of all as you can read someone's reaction to something you have said from their facial expression, body language and tone of voice. The pupils all completed a Trusted Adult Tree and were given an Online Safety Pledge Certificate for them and their parents to discuss.