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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

Mrs Thornton's 'Farm to Fork' Tescos Trip

7th Apr 2017

Mrs Thornton's P1 children enjoyed everything to do with their day out in Tescos.  The trip on the bus allowed us to spot lots of baby animals in the fields as we sang a selection of our favourite songs.  When we arrived at Tescos, Hazel helped us get kitted out in vests and hats. She brought us over to the fresh fish counter and we saw a selection of fish.  We liked the colours and the shiny skin of the fish but not the smell😩.  Behind the staff doors, several treats were waiting for us- we decorated cupcakes and then had banana, satsumas and pancakes for break 😘. Downstairs we felt the cold in the enormous fridge and then froze in the freezer and saw Easter Eggs stacked up waiting to go out on the shelves.  A big Thanks to Tescos and Hazel for a very informative morning.